Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc. specializes in the calibration and repair of portable instruments and fixed systems. In most cases repairs performed within days and not weeks. Fast turnaround means less downtime and higher prices.


                          Top-Quality Work Perform Per Factory Guidelines


                                          24 Hour Emergency Service


                                               "Hands On” Training


                                                  Prompt Service


                                             Satisfaction Guaranteed 


                                                 Competitive Prices




Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc. has met the highest standards for professional service and employ factory trained service technician. We operate state-of-the-art repair facilities and tools and spare parts to perform warranty repairs of most RAE Systems products at RAE Authorize Warranty Service Centers.



Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc. technicians are Factory Trained and Factory Authorized for the following types of products:


                                                 Gas Detectors


                                Photo Ionization Detectors (PIDs)


                                             Sound Level Meters


                                               Noise Dosimeters


                                           Octave Band Analyzers


                                            Aerosol/Dust Analyzers




                                          Personal Sampling Pumps  


                                                   Moister Meters







Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc.  also offer service plans for annual, quarterly, or more frequent calibrations. We will schedule service calls and document all calibration work to assist in your record keeping needs. We can supply calibration gasses in any mixture and size, as well as replacement sensors for fixed systems that we didn’t originally install.



Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc. provides in-house and on-site services available and use N.I.S.T. calibration gases to comply with manufacturers’ specifications. Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc.  offer quick turn around as well as emergency services.



Proper training and sensitive equipment is essential. We provide in-service training on equipment purchased through Accurate Safety Distributors, Inc. to ensure proper usage and provide you peace of mind.